Company Profile

Newland Payment Technology is a member of the Newland Group, ranked No. 2 worldwide in the latest Nilson Report and now covers more than 30 countries in Asia Pacific, Latin America, Middle East and Europe. Newland Payment Technology offers a wide array of POS (point of sale), mPOS and intelligent multimedia systems. The Systems from Newland Payment Technology are used across many industries including commerce, finance, insurance, telecommunication, logistics, electricity, government and petroleum. Newland Payment has strong R&D capabilities to develop and introduce innovative products in the market and a long-standing relationship with its distributors nationwide with a recognized commercial market presence.

Founded in 1994 in Fuzhou, China, the Newland Group is present in more than 100 countries and its activities cover three areas of high technological value: Internet of Things (IoT), Big Data and Internet Commerce. In order to accelerate its expansion in its activity areas, the Newland Group, one of the world’s major players in technological innovation, has created 15 subsidiaries, further expanding its influence into Payment, Auto ID, Cloud Services, Smart Transportation, Smart Tracing, IoT Education, O2O Service (Online to Offline Service) and Digital TV Communication and other new technologies. Listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange since 2000, the Newland Group now has more than 6,000 employees globally, 60% of whom work in research and development (R&D) driving the core of the Group's innovative offerings.

In the financial sector, the Newland Group has successfully developed online banking, currency exchange, personal and business loan management systems amongst other business technologies as part of the industrialization of banking groups.

The culture of innovation in Newland Group's organization has allowed for expansion and accelerated development in the payment sector of its subsidiary Newland Payment Technology, created in 1994. This DNA has enabled Newland Payment Technology to support the evolution of the business by proposing a complete, flexible and adaptable suite of products, solutions and services whilst maintaining security and future-proofing its offerings to customers.

The diversified product portfolio includes traditional POS, m-POS readers, Smart POS, barcode / QR code scanning, and cloud-based payment solutions and services. Newland Payment Technology has the largest in-store card acceptance network in China, deploying more than 20 million units. Its R&D efforts and the ability to develop strong industrial partnerships now place Newland Payment Technology as the world's leading provider of mPOS readers.

Recognizing the exponential change within the payment space, such as the acceleration of nomadic POS, biometric authentication, QR code and digitalization and other changes driven by business clients and their customers Newland Payment Technology is committed to supporting business changes. This commitment is under-pinned by the investment to create a new subsidiary dedicated to supporting markets, customers and partners outside of China. This organization will start to be active from November 2018 and will reinforce Newland Payment Technologys position as a leader in international payments. Newland Payment Technology will develop its expansion through effective partnerships with other world class organizations based on technological and geographical excellence and a clear understanding of the value chain.




Newland Payment Tecnologia Do Brasil was established.


Newland Payment Technology (H.K.) was established.


NPT became the 2nd largest POS manufacturer worldwide and the largest one in Asia-Pacific as per the Nilson Report


Top 3 POS supplier and Asia-Pacific's top vendor per the Nilson Report,

ranked N0.1 in domestic traditional POS market


Top 4 POS supplier as per the Nilson Report and the first vendor

to hits sales of 1 million units in the year


NPT released the first product series for international market with Spire Payments, announcing its entry into the global market


Newland Group is listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange


NPT launched NL-800, the first financial POS terminal in China


NPT released its first POS platform X86 which became the first POS platform developed in China


Newland was incorporated