TOMS – services management solution for Android-based mobile Smart POS enabling you to maximize Smart POS potential, better apply Smart POS to various scenarios and reduce operating costs.

Main Features:

Terminal Operations Management System

consisted of cloud management platform and terminal client

Ensure a operable , manageable Platform for Android Pos

Cloud-based system, TOMS manages the security of the apps that are downloadable from a universal App Store and delivers other value-added services such as management tools, chat tools, service tools developed by third-party platforms and speed up deployment of new payment methods such as QR codes or e-wallets.TOMS is highly configurable and delivers scalable service components that can be combined in a way that increases performance, security and service quality.

TOMS also provides customized Smart POS detection software to check status including maintenance operations. The relevant data can be aggregated to the Smart POS data platform and customer service operators will know the Smart POS’ full status through this platform (remotely checking the real-time Smart POS status).